Link Categories
The website of the excellent apologist and Christian philosopher Ravi Zacharias.
The Truth Project
The Truth Project is a ministry of Focus on the Family. It’s an incredible 13 segment series designed to get true believers in Christ to think Biblically about all areas of life. Excellent stuff! See if you can find a Truth Project group in your area.
Lambert Dolphin
The website of Lambert Dolphin, apologist, scientist, and Bible teacher. Many, many amazing links to excellent resources.
Stand to Reason
Stand to Reason is the website featuring Greg Koukl and others. Deals with many issues germane to today’s culture.
Walter Martin
Walter Martin is the author of The Kingdom of the Cults, arguably the finest expose of the cults ever written. He was also the first “Bible Answer Man.” I actually had a class from him in school. He was a very godly man. He’s now in heaven.
Norman Geisler
Norman Geisler is one of the best apologists of our present day, author of many apologetics related books—including Baker’s Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics, and the President of Southern Evangelical Seminary.
Bible Colleges
Calvary Chapel Bible College
The main campus of the Calvary Chapel Bible College.
Calvary Chapel Bible College Peru
The Peru campus of the Calvary Chapel Bible College.
Calvary Chapel Bible College Affiliate Campuses
The directory of Calvary Chapel Bible College extension campuses.
Bible Study Resources
Inductive Bible Study
The website of Pastor Dan Finfrock and Intensive Care Ministries. This is a great site which will help equip the believer in the inductive Bible study method. I’ve been on Dan’s board of directors for almost 20 years.
Blue Letter Bible
An excellent online resource for Bible study. Multiple Bible translations, abundant commentaries, lots of help for those who want to dig deeper.
Bible Study Tools
Another awesome online resource for Bible study. Many, many helps available.
This is downloadable software that’s free. I still can’t believe that! It’s a wonderful piece of software, which I use regularly.
The Word For Today
The Word For Today, featuring the Bible teaching ministry of Pastor Chuck Smith, my pastor for 35+ years.
Ray Stedman
Ray Stedman is one of my favorite Bible commentators. His book Authentic Christianity was used by God’s Spirit to change my life! Lots of free audio and text based studies here. I think it’s his whole library. Great site.
Enduring Word
The website of Pastor David Guzik, Director of the Calvary Chapel Bible College in Siegen, Germany, and a long-time pastor. This site includes a verse by verse commentary of every Bible book, and many audio studies as well.
Jon Courson
Jon is one of my favorite Bible teachers. You can listen to all of his studies for free.
Calvary Chapel Modesto
The website of Calvary Chapel Modesto, CA and the teaching ministry of Damian Kyle. Damian is one of the best!
Biblical Archeology / Church History
Many important and common questions are answered well on this site. Questions include “The reliability of the Bible—in what ways have archaeological discoveries verified it?”
A website dedicated to the study of key periods in Biblical and church history. Great resource. Easy to follow.
Creation / Origins
Answers In Genesis
The website of the ministry of Ken Ham. Amazing defense of the young earth, six-day creation position.
The Handy Dandy Evolution Refuter
Major questions regarding evolution are answered on this site.
Dr. A.E. Wilder-Smith
Dr. A.E. Wilder-Smith was a professor of Chemotherapy and Pharmacology at the Medical School of Geneva University and other institutions. He earned three doctorates, and was an aggressive refuter of evolution.
Institute for Creation Research
The Institute of Creation Research website, Dr. Henry Morris, founder. ICR has been the leader in defense of a young earth and special creation for many years. Dr. Morris was not only respected as a scientist, but also as a Bible teacher and strong influence for Christ.
Kids 4 Truth
A great site for kids to learn about the wonders and truth of creation.
Help for Unwanted or Unplanned Pregnancies
Compassion Pregnancy Center & Clinic
While there are many centers that help women in these ways, this is an excellent place to start, no matter where you may live.
Marriage & Family Resources
Covenant Keepers
Covenant Keepers is the ministry of my friend Pastor Steve Carr. It’s Biblical, solid, and very effective for those who want a strong marriage in Christ.
This is the site of Craig Caster of Family Discipleship Ministries. His approach is incredible, practical, Biblical, and encouraging.
Missions Organizations and Ministries
Gospel For Asia
Gospel for Asia, founded by K.P. Yohannan. This amazing work has trained and started many thousands of missionaries and churches to minister in the 10/40 window.
Calvary Chapel Magazine
Quarterly publication highlighting Calvary Chapel outreaches and ministries all over the world.
Far Reaching Ministries
Founded by Wes Bentley, FRM is committed to bringing long-term discipleship and the systematic teaching of God’s Word to Africa, China, and Russia.
Wycliffe Bible Translators provide language recognition, Bible translation, literacy training, and Bible study to unreached people groups all over the world.
Overcoming Sexual Sin & Addictions
Sound Biblical counsel for those needing help in these areas.
Pure Life Ministries
Wonderful, Biblically based resources for those struggling with sexual sins who want to be holy in all areas of their lives.
Internet accountability software. This doesn’t filter sites, but does record all sites visited, for accountability’s sake.
X3 Watch
Similar to Covenant Eyes, but less extensive and free of charge.
Safe Eyes
Works with PCs or Macs. Rated very highly by many organizations. Can also block internet sites.
Teaching & Equipping Ministries
Servant Quarters
The website of Gayle Erwin, author of The Jesus Style. This site has lots to offer for those who desire to be more Christ-like.
Inductive Bible Study
The website of Pastor Dan Finfrock and Intensive Care Ministries. This is a great site which will help equip the believer in the inductive Bible study method. I’ve been on Dan’s board of directors for almost 20 years.